New Feature: Patient self service Kiosk App for medical history forms & check in

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    Tony Appleton

    Perfect! How about extending this and also enabling patients to sign consent forms on the iPad

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    Angelo Nozzi

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the patience! Some of you may have seen in our newsletter over the weekend that we've released the Patient Kiosk feature. You can access it by clicking on Kiosk from your user dropdown menu.

    You would do this on whichever device you would be providing to your patients to check in.

    As mentioned in the post, we going to start working on improving this feature, allowing users to customise their medical history forms and sign consent forms on iPads. Watch this space!

    P.S.: Thanks for that suggestion, Tony! We have added it to the main post to be included with this improvement.

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    Angelo Nozzi

    Hi guys,

    Please see the suggestion from OCM below:

    "Our patients need to update their details and fill out a new medical history form every 12 months. We need a way to remind our users that a particular patient is due to complete a medical history form again."

    This is a great idea and it could be something to investigate once we build the medical history form in to the Kiosk feature. It shouldn't be difficult to track when the last form was completed, and set up an alert when that date range has been reached. Keep your eyes peeled on this feature request for updates on that!

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    Warren Yap

    Hi Everyone, 

    Just a quick update from us. 

    This feature is now in beta phase. The team is working to bring this out in the next couple of months. 

    Please reach out if you're keen to get your hands on the beta test! 

    Kind Regards,

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